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    My adjustments in CS5 are not showing up as layers?


      It used to be that when I would make an adjustment (brightness/contrast; exposure; levels; etc..) to a photo in Photoshop cs5, it would show up as its own layer on top of the background layer in the "layers" panel. But now, when I make an adjustment, it just does it to the background layer, and is uneditable (past "undo"). I don't remember doing anything different. But if you know what I could do to remedy this, PLEASE tell me.


      Oh yeah, when I manually go to adjustments and click "add brightness adjustment, it brings up that layer, but no way of actually adjusting the brightness. (As shown in screenshot)

      Also I did manually add that background copy for the mean time so that I would not be working on the original.




      Thanks a lot.

      Lauren Murchison


      Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 10.56.15 AM.png