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    Dynamic Text and Resizing Images Inside

    cpgenius Level 1

      FYI: I'm following the Flash Blogger tutorials listed on http://www.indextwo.net with Flash 8.

      I've noticed that everything works wonderfully as far as bringing the blog content into the dynamic text field; however, my only problem at the moment is while Blogger will automatically resize my images, so it doesn't mess up the current template in html, but of course, Flash does not (out of the box).

      I need a way to define the width & height of the images in the text field to fit inside the dynamic text field they're in. As far as I can tell, the tutorials listed on that site use an alternate method and don't actually resize them. They just make a link to them.

      Lastly, I thought about using CSS in Flash to adjust the img size, but from what I gather there are very few items at my disposal.

      Does anyone have a solution?

      Thank you.