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    Paragraph Styles a Hot Mess in Photoshop CC

    jeffyerkey Level 1

      Hi all,


      I created a series of Photoshop web menus yesterday using Photoshop CC (Mac) "Paragraph Styles". I took the time to create detailed Paragraph Styles so that I could speed through design of the menus.  At the end of the day, I closed all the files, everything looked great; all paragraph styles were assigned and happy day, good night.


      This morning, I have some client edits, and when I open each text block, all my styles to black Myriad 12 point. All my styles disappear once I click inside the text box.  Arrgghh!


      What gives? 


      PS - I am careful to preload all my Suitcase Fusion 5 fonts and such before firing up Photoshop. 


      -- Jeff Y.