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    Update crashed Render


      Hi, Apparently if your in the middle of a 400+ hour render in AE and Adobe decides to let you know of the new CC updates, your Render crash's and three day's worth of the render is no good...Thank You very much! I can't tell you how Happy and joyful I am right now.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Oh, ouch!  Can't blame you for being irate.


          If anything good can come from this, I've learned a lesson from your plight -- render image sequences.

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            hami1car Level 1

            Indeed. After Effects isn't nearly reliable enough to use anything but image sequences for a render that long.


            When dealing with a large render like that, I'd also recommend rendering full res proxies of as many sub-comps as possible. (You can stack those before a full render of the comp in Render Queue) That way if you have issues or need to make changes, if the sub-comp isn't affected it will speed a re-render up dramatically. It's a nice insurance policy.