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    tagging an image with a callout and caption

    Minka316 Level 1

      The document is created in MSWord 2013. It contains screen captured images along with added call-outs and a caption for each (see image #2 below). The call-outs extend outside the image border. I used the 'group' option in Word to group each of the elements together as they tend to move around the page during the editing process. The 'picture' group is formatted as 'inline with text' or 'top and bottom'. 


      In Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, I am trying to fix the tags for the figures. Although each of the elements are group in Word, they are appearing as separate elements/tags. (see image #1 below) ...the image is one Figure, the call-out is another Figure and the caption is yet another Figure. How should I handle this type of situation?  I have tried:


      1. to tag all three elements as a 'Figure'. Sometimes this works; sometimes the caption and/or the text in the call-out disappear.

      2. to tag all three elements as a 'Figure/Caption'; however, I get the same results as above...sometimes the caption and/or text in the call-out disappear.

      3. I also tagged the call-out as 'background' and then tagged the image and caption together as either 'figure' or 'figure/caption'; however, when selecting the image and caption, I must select the call-out as well because of it's proximity to the image. End result: text in call-out disappears.


      What is the proper way to tag in this situation?

      6-19-2014 2-24-34 PM.jpg6-19-2014 2-31-13 PM.jpg


      As an aside, I find the entering the ALT text in MSWord does not carry over to the PDF. I've experimented with the too. I've added the ALT text to the image on its own and to the group. I've added it to the "Title" field; however, the ALT text field in the PDF is empty. I've given up on adding this in Word and now add them directly to the tag.


      If someone can help point me in the right direction on how to fix the tag issues for images/callouts/caption, I'd be very grateful!!!!!  (BTW, using a page layout application is not an option. I must use MSWord 2013 to create my documents.)

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          a C student Level 3

          Hi Minka,


          When I have content elements disappear when tagging, it has been because the missing element (usually text) is hiding behind another element (like a shaded square). The problem can sometimes be fixed by rearranging things in the Order pane, but the Content pane gives a finer degree of control and I usually go there to make the fix. In my example the shaded square needs to be dragged somewhere before the text in the content order.


          I am scratching my head over the Alt text problem. Using the PDF Maker plugin in Word 2010 and 2013, alt text has always carried over to PDF for me. Have you tried adding the alt text to the Description field rather than Title? If so, have you checked that both Acrobat and Word are both updated to the current release?


          Hope this helps.


          a 'C' student

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            Minka316 Level 1

            HI 'C' student!


            Thanks for the info. I will give the Content pane a try.


            I think my Word 2013 might have a bug.  When i enter text into either the 'title' field or the 'description' field, the text does not move over or wrap around so that i can fully see what i've entered. i wonder if this is impacting the carry-over into the pdf file?


            6-20-2014 9-46-06 AM.jpg
            the company I work for does not 'officially' support this version of Word, as i am an 'early adoptor' of this version. until the rest of the company moves to this version, i'm kinda on my own. i am going to see who i can speak with to see about getting an update, though. maybe that will fix the problem.


            thanks again,

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              Minka316 Level 1

              Hi again...


              one more question...what's the process i follow when fixing the image/caption/callout issue?...do i tag the whole group as a figure/caption?...or just figure? and then after that go to the content pane to fix any text that disappears?

              thank you...

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                a C student Level 3

                If I understand the situation correctly, I would use one figure tag.