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    Anyone else not happy with CS3 for Mac?

    R e j u v e s i t e
      I converted to a Mac a year or so ago and was amazed how bad Dreamweaver and Fireworks 8 were compared to the Windows version. I couldn't find anyone complaining about it the web, so I figured it was just me. After a month I eBayed the Mac and went back to a PC.

      Well, I couldn't do without the Mac again so I bought a 3.0 GHz MacPro with 3GB RAM a few months ago. I eagerly awaited the release of CS3 thinking "Ahhh, maybe they fixed the stuff I didn't like. I mean, it was SO bad that SOMEONE had to complain about it." Nope.

      Trying it out tonight and I've found this...

      Scrollbars in the floating panels don't work with 4 of the mice I own

      I make my own keyboard shortcuts and save them. When I return to Fireworks, they're intermittently back to the "Web Standard"

      Much like the keyboard shortcut issue, my saved Workspace Layout doesn't load when I start Fireworks again

      In Preferences, I point to an additional Photoshop plug-in directory and Patterns directory. I exit Fireworks and the plug-ins are there... quit and start again... gone!

      Property Inspector... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, oh it refreshed, good. Yawn.

      If anyone feels like duplicating the Keyboard shortcut/Plug-In/Patterns issue, this is how I do it...
      1. Save yourself a set of Keyboard shortcuts
      2. Save yourself a Workspace, arrange the floaty panels around where you want 'em
      3. Go into Prefrences and find an additional Plug-Ins folder (ie Applications:Photoshop:etc:etc)
      4. Restart Fireworks
      5. The Plugins are there! Yay
      6. Go back into Preferences and Browse to a different Patterns directory.
      7. Restart Fireworks
      8. Whoa, Keyboard shortcuts and Workspace are back to their defaults, and gone are the Plug-ins AND the Patterns.

      Hopefully someone else on a Mac can duplicate that.

      I've used and been an advocate of this program since version 3, on Windows. Absolutly love it. Do any other ex-Windows-now-Mac-users know what I am talking about?

      I could list a load of stuff about my old friend Dreamweaver but that's a different forum.