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    Training for Ink & Slide

    sjledet Level 1

      I'd like to start a community discussion regarding formal training for Ink & Slide and related Adobe technologies.

      As an Adobe training partner, I see a potentially huge need for training for this product as it has the possibility of greatly altering workflows in sometimes dramatic ways.


      Some of the things I'd like to discuss in this thread are:


      • Developing an outline for a class. What sort of things should be covered in an Ink & Slide oriented hands-on training class?
      • Recruiting contract instructors. - We do have a web site for applying to teach for us as a contract instructor at Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc. Contract Adobe Trainer - Ink, Slide and Mobile Apps
      • Instructor resources - Of course Adobe has video tutorials, but what other resources more suited to formal classroom training are available and/or in the works.
      • Level of interest - Am I just too early with this? Is there significant interest in formal training for this product line?


      Any other topics related to training on Ink & Slide are also welcome.


      - Sterling