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    Fit frame to type for headers - over-set expand left (instead of running to second line)

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      For years I have been working around this problem, but I am now working on a very lengthy document and would love to know if a solution exists.


      The set-up:

      You have a text frame that says "Site Plan A". You want to revise the text to read "Site Plan A & B". If your text frame is already set to fit content, and you paste in your longer text it will over-set. Now if you fit frame to content again, your text has flowed to a second line.

      Ideal solution:

      Some sort of additional key command that tells InDesign to only expand your text box to the left so your over set text stays where it is supposed to stay.

      I know that in Photoshop and Illustrator there is paragraph text (that will return to the next line) and non-paragraph text that will expand the frame. I agree that the majority of text in InDesign is paragraph text and I have no contention with that being the default setting, but is there some way to assign headlines different settings?

      I know that the other solution is to set up text frames to run the length of the available space, but I find that can make frame selection frustrating. Also it does not allow you to snap to guides or align/distribute spaces, which is dependent on the frame being fit to content. (maybe I am wrong about this, please correct me if I'm wrong, I am always happy to improve technique)

      I appreciate any suggestions, if nothing already exists I will re-post in the suggested features section.

      Thanks very much -