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    Problem with saving InDesign newsletter to a print ready PDF in CS6


      I am using a PC and created a 4 page newsletter in InDesign, CS6.  I have made this newsletter over and over in previous version of CS products and never had a problem.  But with CS6, I cannot get it to save as a print-ready PDF with the bleeds and markups the printer needs. 

      I have the Document Setup set to a bleed of 0.25 all around.  I have tried Printing to PDF, Exporting, and Print Booklet.  Printing to PDF doesn't show the bleeds and markups.  Exporting doesn't show the bleeds and markups.  Print Booklet only shows the bleeds and markups if I shrink the file down with a Scale to Fit...which won't work for the printer.  I have tried everything thing I can think of, tried changing all kinds of printer settings...I seriously have no idea why this isn't working.


      Any suggestions?