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    New Mobile Apps - Adobe Line


      Yesterday we had some new mobile apps launched by Adobe, and really good ones. I've been playing specially with Adobe Line and had a great experience. I've seen some people comparing Adobe Line & Adobe Sketch with Paper 53, which I think it is not even fair - the experience of using Adobe Line is way beyond Paper 53. The first great thing is that there is no white paper, the background is a nice light cream colour. The brushes are amazing, the best ones that makes you fell like drawing in a paper for real. The possibility to connect Adobe Line with Kuler is another awesome feature. What about the ruler? It is amazing, I am really impressed with these apps and I am enjoying my time drawing.


      So far, the only thing I am missing are layers. Yeah, I know that it is not suppose to be a Photoshop version for iPad, but since some friends (including me) are considering purchase their Ink & Slide and put our Wacoms in the drawer, layers in Adobe Line & Adobe Sketch would be a sweet thing to have.


      What about others designers in the community, did you guys try the apps? Do you have any suggestions or comments about it?

      Thank you!