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    Adobe Premiere Elemens 9 will not start

    Ad Hessels


      My system is Windows 7.

      When I want to open a new, or want to start an existing project the programm will not start en I recieve this message:


      I have uninstalled Premiere Elements 9 and after that installed it again.

      But the message mentioned here above still appears.


      Then I used the Premiere Elements exe file but still the same.

      When I use the help file a message appears that says there is an update available.:

      I click on "download now" but after a short moment appears "download failed"

      Error nr. 16822


      Who can give me a good advise.

      Thanks very much

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          ad hessels


          Is Premiere Elements 9 a new program for you - has it worked before but not now or has it never been used and/or worked before? It appears that you are trying to run the program on Windows 7 (64 bit assumed).


          Right now the only thing that you want to be downloading for Premiere Elements 9 is the 9.0.1 Update. You can do that without Premiere Elements 9 opened with the following download from Adobe via this link

          Adobe - Premiere Elements : For Windows : Premiere Elements 9.0.1 update

          If you could get into the program, then you could do this update via a project's Help Menu/Update.


          1. Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer?

          2. Are you running the program from a User Account with Administrative Privileges and also Run As Administrator applied?

          3. What video card/graphics card does you computer use and is it up to date according to the web site of the manufacturer of the card?

          Does your computer use 1 or 2 video card/graphics card?

          4. Does the problem exist with and without the antivirus program disabled?


          Several productive areas of troubleshooting that we may be exploring after more details are supplied include

          1. Deactivation from within the program (if you can get into a project); uninstall the usual Control Panel route; ccleaner run through (regular and registry parts); reinstall with antivirus and firewalls disabled.

          CCleaner - PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download

          2. Deletion of the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file and/or the whole 9.0 Folder in which it exists.

          3. Deletion of the BadDrivers.txt file.

          Many of these ideas will require that you be using an active Folder Option for Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives.

          4. Other


          Please review and consider and then we can decide what next.


          Thank you.