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    Oops. Created a nightmare...Word import question

      I thought I was so clever...

      I generated a Word doc from my Robohelp project so that people could edit the content in Word. Once all their changes are entered in the Word doc, I planned to import the Word doc and then generate the new online help.

      Slight problem....I have no idea how to import the revised Word doc so that I don't create a cut and paste nightmare. The Word doc import creates new topics, but I want to replace the existing topics.

      Is there a way to do this or did I set myself up for a long, long day of cutting and pasting the new topics imported from Word into my existing topics?

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          CAM2124 Level 1

          After reading/searching a bit more, I have come to the conclusion that it's probably best that I import the Word doc into a new Robo project, then import the new html files from the new project to my existing project, overwriting the original topics so that they are updated.

          Question...Robo keeps converting some of my headings into bookmarks, not separate topics, and I'd like them as separate topics.

          In Word, I have applied the Heading 1 style to every topic I'd like to create. Heading 1 is the only other style besides some hyperlinks and bolding and normal. When I get the dialog box in Robo that asks how new topics should be created, I select the Heading 1 checkbox. Robo then creates a few new topics, but it's bookmarking a lot of the topics I had marked as H1 in Word. In Word, I have 327 H1 styles. In Robo, I only have 10 new topics; the rest are bookmarks.

          Why is it doing this and how do I get it to stop?
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
            In Word, have you created your own Heading 1 style or used the built in headings. You must use the latter. Changing the name to Heading 1 Myname can also affect it.

            If the style is Heading 1 as supplied without manual formatting, it should work. Something is telling RoboHelp that not all the headings are really Heading 1.

            Take another look and post back. I'll look in the morning. Closing down here now.

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              CAM2124 Level 1

              When I generated the print doc, the print doc picked up Robo's H1 style. The regular Word H1 style wasn't available in the style list, so I coped and pasted into a new doc, applied the regular H1 style, and it works now.

              Thank you!