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    FLV will not play across UNC path

      I am writing a large piece of education software for schools. It is mostly written in Flash but uses Director to handle the FileIO. After 9 months of development one of the final problems that I have is that the FLV files will not run when the application (which is an EXE) is run over a UNC path.

      The path to the FLV needs to be absolute as the software allows schools to install ‘resource packs’ (containing FLVs, JPGs etc, etc) on any server and the application pulls in the resources from these different locations. All the other ‘resources’ load in fine (i.e. the SWFs, MP3s and JPGs) but the FLVs will not play. I am using the FLvPlayback componant and I assume that I am hitting a security issue with the playback of FLV files across UNC paths (which I assume Flash treats with the same security as Cross-Domain). Is there a solution or is it the case that there is no way to playback an FLV file across a UNC path.