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    Pen Pressure issues

    Doctor Bond Level 1

      I'm using Windows 8.1, with a Wacom Intuous Pro Medium tablet, with the latest driver (6.3.8-4)


      I installed Photoshop CC 2014 this afternoon, and ever since I've had a lot of random, intermittent issues with the pen pressure. It works fine in Illustrator, but in Photoshop, under the Brush panel, the Pen Pressure option has an alert sign next to it, and simply doesn't recognise the tablet as being pressure sensitive. Sometimes, if I turn on "Windows Ink" under the mapping tab, it occasionally works, but not always. And having Windows Ink checked makes selecting things in any other application very laggy (and makes working in Indesign near-impossible)


      Cheers in advance

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          M Shaw Adobe Employee

          Photoshop CC 2014 changes stylus use to use Microsoft system API's, with these API's you need to have Windows Ink enabled. These API's give better stroke results and improve the out of the box experience for users using Windows tablet/convertible devices. If you want to go back to the old WinTab implementation of previous versions do the following:


          Create a file that contains instructions to revert to the WinTab functionality.


          Create a text file in a text editor such as Notepad.

          Type in the following lines:

          # Use WinTab

          UseSystemStylus 0

          Save the file as a plain text file named PSUserConfig.txt, and save the file into the Photoshop settings folder: C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Settings\.

          To turn off the gestalt's functionality, delete the PSUSerConfig.txt file. Or, move it to a different folder if it doesn't contain any other commands, or change the lines so they read:

          # Use Win8 native tablet support

          UseSystemStylus 1

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            GFStudio Level 1

            I was having the same issue. M Shaw's answer fixed this for me. Thank you!

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              Carlos (Photoshopeando) Level 1

              Yes it works but when doing this trick, the dreaded pen-to-mouse switch lag, that had disappeared in PS CC 2014, appears again. So it's either not having pressure sensitivity, or having lag if we often switch between tablet and physical mouse?

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                Doctor Bond Level 1

                Thanks M Shaw, that worked a an absolute treat!


                Also, Carlos -- I looked at that thread, but I didn't seem to have an issue switching from tablet to mouse. I don't usually flit between them that much anyway, so it wouldn't really be too much of a problem.

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                  Carlos (Photoshopeando) Level 1

                  Thanks Doctor Bond for having a look at the other thread. Strangely, I managed to fix the pressure sensitivity issue by deleting my wacom tablet preferences (from the wacom utility). I still, I get the lag in mouse mode. It is an issue for me because I am left handed and I use my mouse with my right hand for general tasks, and the pen with my left hand for retouching tasks that benefit from using the pen. So I switch very often.

                  Anyway I'm glad you fixed the problem!

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                    Doctor Bond Level 1

                    Oh, just in case anyone else runs into this same problem, as I've just spent the past three days trying to get this to work again, and FINALLY figured it out yesterday...


                    If you're on Windows (I'm not sure if it applies to Mac users), but from what I've discovered...


                    When you save the text doc as PSUserConfig.txt Don't use the .txt extention suffix in the filename! I must have just absent-mindedly taken this off the first time I did it, but I was trying every other possible thing I could yesterday (different drivers, reinstalling PS CC, Windows ink) pretty much any variable and combination I could think of -- and lo and behold, it worked! So yeah, simply name it PSUserConfig, without the .txt, and you should be all set!


                    Phew! So glad I found this out, so hopefully this might help some people out who've had similar frustrations!

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                      Level 7

                      The suffix has to be there - but if you have suffixes hidden (which is always a bad choice), then you may be adding the suffix twice.

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                        Doctor Bond Level 1

                        Aaah, that must be it! Interesting... My default setting is to have them hidden in the actual filename. I think I prefer it that way, for saving files with the same name but in different formats.


                        Good to know, though!

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                          louis-marie.fr Level 1

                          That works for me !

                          You're my hero !

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                            Mateusz Piotrowski Level 1

                            All those solutions failed for me I have Wacom tablet and the pressure is working all right in illustrator but in photoshop it is working only when I create new file, when I save and reopen it the pressure stops working. When I open an old file the pressure is not working if I create new file along with the old one opened the pressure is not working. How do I fix this??????? I'm on windows 8.1 with latest wacom drivers installed. Photoshop CC 2014 is up to date. HOW DO I FIX THIS SUPER ANNOYING ISSUE!!!??!?!?!?!!??

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                              Mateusz Piotrowski Level 1

                              YAY it fixed for now. For those who are interested: I first removed photoshop preferences file to no effect, then updated windows to no effect (all adobe support suggestions). After that I almost kicked my cat out of frustration but found inner balance again and tried one more thing:


                              I went to control panel and found there Wacom preferences (not pen and tablet preferences), form that menu I reset all user preferences and it started working. DUH!


                              Now I know what I've been missing working on Mac those previous 5 years...

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                                Doctor Bond Level 1

                                It would appear that with the new version of Photoshop CC 2015, this issue has arisen again -- however, the Photoshop settings folder: C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Settings\ now no longer exists in the new program files directory. Anyone know where I can drop the .txt doc?

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                                  M Shaw Adobe Employee

                                  C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Settings\

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                                    Doctor Bond Level 1


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                                      ravenoflocksley Level 1

                                      omg, I've been at this at least an hour if not more, thank you SO much, just that simple file with that text

                                      # Use WinTab

                                      UseSystemStylus 0


                                      worked for me. I'm running PS cc 2015 and Windows 10 (as of two days ago) with an Intuos 3 tablet (yes the very old gray one).


                                      You. are. the. bomb.

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                                        ratusr17132632 Level 1

                                        # Use WinTab

                                        UseSystemStylus 0


                                        worked for me too with photoshop cc 2015.0.1


                                        thanks to all !!

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                                          Giovannivolontè Level 1


                                          may i ask a question ?

                                          does PSUserConfig.txt  work with other adobe application like illustrator or others ?


                                          i run photoshop cc 2015 64bit under windows 10 64bit



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                                            arielles75205894 Level 1

                                            hi i am on cintiq companion 2 i5 model. and i have encountered the sudden 100% opacity stroke issue. and i have been trying to fix by doing this. but i cannot find the adobe folder or adobe photoshop cc folder tomput the text file in. like after getting to roaming file there is only a folder called intel. please help :s

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                                              nourhann36708113 Level 1

                                              Thaaaaaaaank you so much , you saved my life .

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                                                andy.d.bell Level 1

                                                i don't have this file path on my windows 10 machine.


                                                i can only go as far as C:\Users\[User Name]\


                                                there's a creative cloud folder in there, but no photoshop settings that i could find

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                                                  andy.d.bell Level 1

                                                  fyi: decided to just make the folder myself and realized that i had my "hidden folders" checked off. i checked the box and was able navigate right to it!

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                                                    maria elenas74849689 Level 1

                                                    Is that possible that this worked for CC 2014 but not for 2015? How could I fix it not for a Wacom?

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                                                      MrAubert Level 1

                                                      This method is very good. I´ve been using it for a couple of years. BUT... today, I upgraded to an Wacom Intuos Pro Medium, and unfortunately with WinTab turned on, Photoshop doesn´t recognize the pen TILT. Which is one of the reasons I bought it. So I switched back to Windows Ink, but then I have that lag when you try to drag something, which gets in the way to change the brush size fast (alt+right click+drag) and moving the canvas... anything that requires drag. SO, I wanted to know:


                                                      a. Is there a way turn on the tilt sensitivity with Wintab somehow?


                                                      b. Is there a way to remove the lag from Windows Ink?


                                                      I appreciate any support!

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                                                        MxO Level 1

                                                        Sir. You're my saviour! this was killing me so many days til' i deleted the .txt suffix in the file name. Can't be more happy now thanks to your comment!! now i'll go every forum i've read to tell other persons who wrote that the psuserconfig.txt file didn't work to check this IMPORTANT detail. THANKS!!

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                                                          Marc La Pierre Level 1

                                                          Why the heck would I ever have to do this fix?  Wacom, Adobe and Microsoft Relationship has to be so close that I am amazed I would have to do this.   This was never a problem until I turn off Windows Ink because it was getting in the way of the tablet and painting.

                                                          Windows 10 Pro, Up to date.  Intuos Pro Small.  Latest Drivers


                                                          Crazy...  Crazy...


                                                          Thank you for workaround just amazed that I had to do this....

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                                                            James Pageau Level 1

                                                            M Shaw,
                                                            Thanks for the info on that PSUserConfig.txt file.   I had just got a Huion 1060 plus tablet (I normally use Wacom but the price was too good to pass up).  It was intermittently laggy and unusable in Photoshop.  I was afraid I was going to have to return it. Which would be a shame since It was working fine in illustrator and other apps.... but Photoshop was the main reason for wanting tablet.   Once I applied that txt file config it started drawing as smooth as butter with great pressure range.  I hope Adobe keeps this workaround available because I certainly need it for my tablet to work correctly.  It now feels more responsive now than my Wacom at work.

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                                                              picturemerollin Level 1

                                                              Hi !


                                                              I had those awful problems also, delays in changing brushes size, lagging color picking, fluidity crazy, and so on, which all appeared when I changed from W7 to W10 AND from CS6 to CC. (2 very bad choices in a raw !)
                                                              I tried all the fixes, removing this f****g Windows Ink Workspace ****, disabled the options in the pen and touch, and even the ultimate :

                                                              # Use WinTab

                                                              UseSystemStylus 0

                                                              which work for a lot of people...but didn't corrected the delays when changing brush size and in the fluidity tool which was still insanely shaky. And the overall performance of CC were still not very responsive.


                                                              But, with all that done, I tried to came back to CS6, just to see," perhaps all those fix works better with CS ?"


                                                              answer : YES ! Everything work smooth and without a f****g annoying delay.
                                                              Conclusion : CC is the biggest sh** ever.

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                                                                pushpendras37079068 Level 1

                                                                i did the same and pressure is working but somewhere else in artboard far from the cursor,,,, help me plzaaaa111.jpg

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                                                                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                                                                  pushpendras37079068  wrote


                                                                  i did the same and pressure is working but somewhere else in artboard far from the cursor,,,, help me plzaaaa111.jpg


                                                                  You should always start a new thread with issues like this.  This thread is about eight months old, and marked Correctly Answered, so a lot of people won't bother to open it.


                                                                  But as I am here...


                                                                  Are you using more than monitor?

                                                                  Either way, restart your computer and see if it fixes it.


                                                                  Good luck

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                                                                    sourabhk744301 Level 1

                                                                    I am using Wacom Intous Art with Ps 2018 cc in windows 10, I do not have any AppData folder, every driver is up to date. I even tried to restart the services by going to Administrative tool nothing is working, still showing the Alert sign of pen pressure and it is so frustrating because I can not expect this even I have everything is up to date. Please solve this issue

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                                                                      andybcl Level 1

                                                                      You've still got to do a bit of searching in the browser window but it can be found -- the path is...


                                                                      C:\Users\"your_username"\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Settings


                                                                      However... There's nothing actually in this folder at the moment (I've just done a fresh install on a brand new computer), I'm using an Intuos Pro 001-T0001 tablet on a Windows 10 PC. Putting the PSUserConfig.txt file in there doesn't do anything

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                                                                        boofrisco Level 1

                                                                        I found the solution for the Brush Size/Hardness Bug for Photoshop CC 2019.  It's a Window's Ink issue.  Here's a Youtube video that I found going over the  steps:


                                                                        How to Disable WINDOWS INK - Photoshop Bug with Wacom Tablets (2018) - YouTube