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    I need to ask YOU, Adobe, for a huge favour.


      Dear Adobe,


      I would like to ask you; as the title suggests, a huge favour that will save me from loads of stress. So here is the story, I downloaded the Macromedia Flash MX version (yes, the ancient one, that they use for computer programming courses in high school), and it unfortunately expired before I could finish my Summative Assignment due tomorrow that is worth 30% of my final mark, and seeing as I would like to pursue a career with computers and computer programming, I would like to ask you if I could have Macromedia Flash MX for free, just until I can finish my project, and you can take it back if desired. I do enjoy Adobe and your creations, and I am thinking about purchasing your products when I am older. Seeing as this program is an older version, and is outdated and a bit overpriced for its age, I am thinking this would be no problem to make a 16 year old boy in high school's day. Hopefully you will take this into consideration as fast as your legs can carry you, and help e out with my struggles to finish this project. If you can do this for me, that would be amazing, but, if you can't, I understand your reasoning, it is after all a program that costs quite a bit of money, and you need to always turn a profit on everything, that's what businesses do. The version is Macromedia Flash MX Version 6.0, copy write 1993-2002.

      Thank you for taking my post into consideration,


      Andrew M.