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    CC 2014 Healing / Spot brush jitter


      Hi guys, I'm a full time retoucher. Have just installed and started using CC 2014 coming from CC.


      Photoshop has migrated my prefs/settings over which is great. However I am noticing some weird stuff when using the heal or spot brushes (which I used 80% of my time).


      So when I use either tool, instead of a smooth brush line from point a to b, I instead get a wavy or jitter like stroke.

      This isn't happening in CC. I am using a Wacom 3 so I tried the same tool with my mouse, same jitter.


      Clone stamp and standard brush is fine.


      Anyone else getting this? Or know a fix or setting I need to change.




      I'm using a Wacom 3, Lion, MacPro 4,1 with 16GB ram.

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          Earth Oliver Level 3

          The brush spacing is back to the (silly) default of 25, which is probably what you're seeing. A setting of 10 is usually where i keep mine...

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            Dethken Level 1

            Thanks eartho, I had a look but that didn't fix it.


            I use tool presets, which have carried over to CC 2014, so my healing brush uses the same settings as I had in CC.


            Sorry my description wasn't very accurate. It's more of a zig zag like motion. In CC it was the usual straight line motion.

            If I do a straight line heal using the SHIFT key combo, it's not a smooth stroke like you'd expect.


            I've used these settings for years through the different versions. First time I've noticed this.


            My healing brush preset in CC and CC 2014 is:


            Size 27

            Hardness 45%

            Spacing 25%

            Angle -147

            Roundness 44%

            Size Off

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              zBoson Level 1

              I'm having the same problem! Just noticed today, I'm not sure if it's been like this since I installed CC 2014 and only just noticed, or if it suddenly became like this.


              Screenshot of the stroke my healing brush makes:


              Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 12.12.37 am.png

              Very strange behaviour and definitely not normal! There is no settings to change the jitter for the healing brush, so it's not like we accidentally turned on "scattering" or something, because you can't do that with this tool. This only happens with the normal healing brush, so far no other tools have done this as far as I can tell.

              To me this looks like a bug in Photoshop for sure. Can anyone reading this try this out? Make sure you set the spacing to something like 25%, because if it's too far or too close you won't see the effect very well. Do it on a black and white test like mine to make it super obvious. Also you'll see the stroke better while you're drawing and haven't let go yet (once you let go of the mouse/tablet, it will disappear since it's the healing brush.).

              Very annoying and a serious issue, as it prevents me from controlling the healing brush properly. Definitely never ever happened on any previous versions of Photoshop! I use a Wacom but can also reproduce it using just my trackpad without the tablet whatsoever. Also I'm on a Retina MacBook Pro running Mavericks (all up to date software).

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                Dethken Level 1

                That's exactly what I'm getting!


                I can confirm that with CC 2013, this does not happen.

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                  zBoson Level 1

                  Right I just came across a post where someone mentions the Reset Tool menu item. And guess what, it fixe it! Here it is:


                  Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 12.23.49 am.png


                  Click the little tool icon in the top left corner, then click the gear icon and choose Reset Tool.


                  That doesn't mean something isn't wrong though, as the problem will probably return, and I'm pretty sure it's not a setting that I'm changing by accident. But at least we have a workaround.

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                    Dethken Level 1

                    Great thanks, this works for me too!

                    Although it seems to go back to that issue once I create a new tool preset sadly.


                    It's a useable work around though!

                    Thanks mate, you've made my morning!

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                      zBoson Level 1

                      You're welcome! It indeed looks like the problem returns as soon as I click on a Tool Preset for the healing brush. I thought maybe the presets got corrupted during the preset migration or something so I deleted them and recreated them, but the problem is still there every time I click them. Quite annoying since I've gotten very used to using tool presets!

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                        M Shaw Adobe Employee

                        Is this only happening to folks on Mac and using Wacom stylus? What flavor of Mac OS is running? Does clearing the Wacom prefs using the Wacom Tablet Utility help?

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                          Dethken Level 1

                          @matedrobay Same here, love Tool Presets, hope this is fixed soon.


                          @M Shaw I'm on Lion 10.7.5, matedobray is on the latest Mavericks 10.9.3.


                          We've both noted that this also happens when using the mouse. I have yet to try removing the Wacom and just using the mouse. I will also try clearing the Wacom prefs

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                            Dethken Level 1

                            Clearing Wacom prefs. did not help.


                            I have just noticed that this ALSO exhibits the same issue on Windows 7 64


                            This is clearly not a Mac only issue.


                            If I reset the TOOL, it will temporarily fix this ie. until I adjust the size of the brush

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                              Lukasz Piech Photography

                              I have CC and CC 2014 installed at once but I still use CC as even the basic stuff is not working within 2014 version. I would amend one important for me function which is not working: Using the brush on a mask, I cannot selectively apply mask to the image. I can use a bucket on entire image but I never do...


                              Just remove CC 2014 and install CC. There is no other way for now.

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                                Marty Holland

                                Hey Guys!

                                Any news on this? It's killing me! Not pleasurable to have to reset the tool very time. Please help, Adobe...?...Anyone?