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    Using data from a MySQL database

    NucleusNet Level 1
      Here is the piece of my code:
      if (this["projectName"+three] != "") {
      _global.projectFile3 = this["projectFile"+three];
      heading3_txt.htmlText = this["projectName"+three];
      content3_txt.htmlText = this["description"+three];
      if (this["thumbnail"+three] != "") {
      } else if (this["projectName"+three] == "") {
      content3_txt.htmlText = "";
      heading3_txt.htmlText = "";

      It is for a portfolio thingie i am working on. My script pulls the data from the db three at a time and displays it. the problem is on the last "else if" statment. If there is only 2 items left to display, the third listing is suppose to put in blanks, but instead it places "undefined" in both instances. Any ideas? thanks...