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    Can we add animation divs on page dynamically?


      I am trying to dynamically add the animations on a web page.


      I have created two sets of animations i.e. EDGE-9290207 and EDGE-26194002.

      Now I have put the first animation on the page as




      Now what I am trying to do is that when I click on some div, I want this animation to be replaced by another.


      I tried 2 things 1st:


      $('div.prefab').on('click', function () {                 $("#f1p").html('
      ');                  $(window).trigger("triggerEdgeAnimation"); }


      where I have following code in my *Edge file, to handle the event:


      $(window).bind('triggerEdgeAnimation', function () {      Edge.launchComposition(compId); });



      The second approach I tried was:


      $('div.prefab').on('click', function () {                $("#f1p").html('
      ');                 var myComp = AdobeEdge.getComposition("EDGE-26194002");                 myComp.play(); }


      and finally I tried the combination of both the approaches.


      It seems that it is not possible to put the divs at runtime and get the animation started. Am I missing something here?