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    cs2 question



      I have been using Macs and Adobe Products since the 1990's. The results is I have a number of programs such as the 3D program Infini D  which keeps me with one foot in the past, as  it will only work up to Mac OS 10.4.11 (G5 Power PC Dual 2.7 GHz ) .  I have another computer (Mac Mini) which operates under OS 10.9.2 and uses CS 5.5. So its not that I am against updating, it is that Infini D is so simple and fast that I don't want to give it up.


      Because of the convenience of going back and forth from my 3D program to After Effects I do much of my work on the G5. My G5 recently died and I purchased another used G5 to replace  it. I switched over the hard drives but soon discovered that the CS2 needed to be activated by Adobe. During the process I discover that Adobe no longer supports CS2. Adobe does provide a path to un -install/ install  CS2 that  will have the means to be activated. However Adobe warns that the CS2 was only designed for mac OS  10.2.8 to OS 10.3.8.  I have used CS 2  on OS 10.4.11 since I purchased it from Adobe and I dont recall at the time, that there was any mention of such a restriction. Is this replacement different in some way.


      Has anybody went through this uninstall/install of CS2 ?  Will this replacement by Adobe operate under OS 10.4.11 ?  I suppose I have no choice but to install this offering by Adobe as CS2 will not work at present. I am more or less looking for some pointers or advice and wondering if there are any problems to be aware of. 


      Thanks for your time and any help,