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    FMS 3.5 Access Logs 'sc-bytes' Issue


      Dear Adobe Team,


      This is Robin.park from CDN Service Compancy in charge of Media Product Manager.


      We have a problem it is related with log data “sc-bytes and sc-stream-bytes”

      Background : We are doing media streaming service (Live and VOD) with FMS 3.5

      Problem : ‘sc-bytes’ has random abnormal higher bytes(more than x50, x100) than ‘sc-stream-bytes’ when FMS 3.5 do streaming VOD service. [The difference of bytes between ‘sc-bytes’ and ‘sc-stream-bytes’ is acceptable(about 10%) when FMS 3.5 do streaming Live service]

      My Question is ~~

      Do you have issue or history it is related with upper problem?


      This is really big issue for us because it’s billing issue.

      Please check it and let me know the way that could solve this issue.

      If you have any questions, please let me know.



      Best Regards,