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    What exactly is included with the new adobe photography package?

    Retropeacockphotos Level 1

      okay first off, I'm in love with all of these massive changes all the way around.


      secondly, I'm a bit of a hot mess.


      For starters I am upgrading my poor old PC to a Mac (it was time!) this means I loose all my previous software. (It's time to upgrade as well anyhow) I currently have cs4 installed, and also lr4 On my PC. I pick up my new Mac mini tomorrow, and would like to have a solid game plan.


      I'm having a hard time understanding what the new cloud options are, as well as the photography package for $9.99/mo. With this, is creative cloud included? do I have to purchase creative cloud membership in addition to the photography package? Does this include full use versions of both photoshop and Lightroom? And lastly what is the benefit vs buying lr5 outright (physical software) and / or buying the full download use of Photoshop and using via creative cloud. My how times have changed.... I feel so out of the loop, however extremely excited for the changes and inspiration.


      Thanks in advance, and keep up the amazing changes.