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    2014 AE "QuickTime is not installed on this system, some components will not work correctly"


      I remember this issue last time I upgraded to After effects CC, not sure what I did to solve it but here we go again - More fun and games.

      I've just upgraded from AE CC to AE CC 2014 and get this message "QuickTime is not installed on this system, some components will not work correctly."

      I've seen this webpage and followed it's instructions: troubleshooting QuickTime errors with After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC | After Effects region of interest

      I have Quicktime 7.6.6 installed & Quicktime X.

      I have removed 'DVCPROHDCodec.component' and emptied the trash

      I've trashed my entire preference folder for After Effects

      I've repaired my permissions

      This is interesting though:

      I do have other codecs installed BUT I am running AE CC with no problems whatsoever on the same machine, that version can see I have QT installed and doesn't have any issue running smoothly why won't the new version of AE work the same way? Surely it accesses the same codecs in the same folder as the previous version does?

      The only other thing that is also worth noting is the new version of AE 2014 takes about 5 minutes to load, possibly looking for QT?!

      Any help would be very much appreciated!