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    How can I transmit JSX data to HTML5 controls (a type of data-binding) ?

    Sorin Jurcut Level 1

      I am working on a Photoshop extension, and I would like to transmit data (string, bools, etc) to the HTML5 page to populate a list. I would also like to be able to send data from HTML5 to the JSX script (as input information).

      Basically what I would like to do is a sort of data binding. How can this be done and in what way (would be helpful if you could provide an example)?



      HTML5 Markup:

      <ul class="TARGET">





      var exampleArray = new Array();

      ...... this is where I populate the array....


      The ideea is I would like to bind the contents of TARGET to "exampleArray" so that the list is populated by the items contained in the array.

      I'm inclined to think its not possible like this. What I'm thinking of is to JSON/stringify the data locally via JSX and use javascript to parse the data and read it into the HTML.

      The ideea is I need to save data into a list and then be able to read it back into a JSX function as argument to pass it on as a parametere to apply on a object. Say I would like to save the color of a shape, move it to a HTML unordered list, save it locally, then when the next time PS starts, be able to apply that color to another shape. How would you do that ?