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    Import HunSpell automatically?

    Xoana Level 1

      I'm really upset, because the version of "Indesign 2014" has not yet simplified import open source Hunspell dictionaries. Is it really that difficult to design a simple task to import? Gl_ES Use (Galego) as a working language. A language with 3.7 million users thanks to many efforts left the list of endangered languages (this was in 2001). Please do not make us more difficult.

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          Sigurdur Armannsson Level 2

          You can add Hunspell to your InDesign by following this: Add or remove Hunspell dictionaries | CC, CS6


          Actually this page has not been updated for CC 2015 but the only difference is that the path has changed to: /Applications/Adobe InDesign CC/Resources/LILO/Linguistics/Providers/Plugins2/AdobeHunspellPlugin.bundle/Contents/Shar edSupport/Dictionaries


          We have this same problem in Iceland for Icelandic but I have made an installer for mac, that puts everything in its right place. The same could be done for any other missing language.