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    Another 86::1 problem - need a codec?


      So sorry to ask the same question as many others but I browsed the forum and couldn't find any decent solution to this problem (if I missed something, feel free to give me a link)


      Here it is:


      I make videos in different languages - same video, only voice changes. I have already made 3 with the same source files, all worked perfectly. And this time I'm making a 4th one, but on a new computer. Transferred all the source files in one folder so that nothing get lost. Downloaded the AE (the latest CC 2014 version).


      Now that I open the AE project, it says "bla bla cannot be opened, it may be an unsupported format.. 86::1 ". The file is .avi (there are 2 of them).


      Tried to convert is in Media Encoder - same problem when importing the file! And in Premiere Pro as well.


      Fine, I converted it to .mp4 on some online converter. Trying to replace the original .avi file with the .mp4 in AE - gives me the same error (though the file I'm trying to import is .mp4 now)


      When I import the mp4 alone (without trying to replace the avi file with it) - it's all messed up (shows onyl half a screen, black & white and all looking weird, even in "full" quality preview)


      I can open both of those mp4 and avi files in VLC but (!!!) Not in Windows Media - they somehow appear corrupted in Windows Media Player....


      Now the question - is it a codec story? If so, what codec do you reckon I need?


      Many thanks for reading till the end, any feedback is welcome!!!