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    The case of the disappearing instances

      My script has an object w/ a function that creates n number of instances. There is a bit of complexity to make them move in the right directions, but it will never do that if the instances dissapear immediately after the function exits. While it's running the function, immediately after the obj is created it exists. But when I trace it in the next line after the function call it does not. Nowhere does the code remove it. Nowhere.

      I thought it was depth but I used _root.getNextHighestDepth() just to be safe.

      If it helps, the instances are attached onto a mc clip at the same position as another clip attached it. When I instead attached the clip to the nested one, the clips appeared.

      For added weirdness, sometimes the first instance remains but the second one doesn't, but it is removed after awhile anyway.

      What could be causing this...?