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    Duplicate sequence?

    kinkersnick127 Level 1

      I've started to have a look through the SDK documents, but just have a quick question about the SDK functionality that I imagine someone well-versed in it should be able to answer pretty easily:


      Could the SDK be used to create a button (in a custom panel) that when pressed would duplicate the currently selected or currently open sequence, rename it, and move it to a specific place in the project?


      It seems like the SDK is not concerned with functionality like this, but it would be great for what I want to achieve if it is!


      Anyone know about this?

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          kinkersnick127 Level 1

          I found an answer to a similar question on Creative Cow, in case anyone is interested:


          Premiere Pro's SDK doesn't allow plugins to control the program - for instance, you cannot use a plugin to create markers or move clips in your timeline. Plugins are limited to affecting the video signal.

          Premiere Pro SDK??? : Adobe Premiere Pro


          So it would appear it's not possible.

          If only Adobe would develop Premiere Pro Extendscript support to the level enjoyed by After Effects...

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            Zac Lam Adobe Employee

            The plug-in SDK doesn't provide this kind of control, but ExtendScript may open up some options.  I'll check with Bruce.

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              Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

              The following works in ExtendScript Toolkit, and PPro CC 2014.


              var active_seq = app.project.activeSequence;


              if (active_seq != null)


                  alert("Active sequence = " + active_seq.name);



                  var new_seq = active_seq.clone();



                  var test_seq = app.project.activeSequence;



                  if (test_seq != null)


                      alert("Active sequence is now " + test_seq.name);