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    white balance in kelvins


      Can anyone please explain the difference between adobe camera raw white balance settings (temperature and tint) and white balance in the camera which is measured in kelvins.


      let's say i like 5350 for temperature, and  -8 for tint white balance settings. how much would that be in kelvins on my camera?


      thank you

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          KristerP Level 1

          Speaking for Nikon D800, you can adjust both Kelvin and tint (just as you can in camera raw). (Tint being the same kind of red-to-green slider).


          Under [White Balance] - Choose color.


          Naturally I undestand that this might be the correct procedure for D800 only).

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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Temperature = degrees Kelvin. That's the blue/yellow axis that refers to black body radiation as it heats up ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black-body_radiation ).


            Tint is just the other axis at 90 degrees to that. The tint axis is green/magenta.

            You adjust (fine-tune) along the same two axes in the D800, by moving the point vertically or horizontally. But camera and ACR won't necessarily agree as they interpret things a little differently. In any case: If you shoot raw, there's no need to make fine adjustments to this in camera. Do it in ACR. The camera white balance setting does not affect the sensor data or the file itself. ACR just reads the camera setting to get a rough starting point.