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    Photoshop CC 2014 - Liquify lags/stutters with pen

    SMeurer Level 1

      Since installing Photoshop CC Version 2014  yesterday the liquify tool is behaving strangely for me. Moving the Brush Cursor seems laggy/stuttering (hard to describe).. it works 'ok' with a mouse but once i started using the pen it's really laggy.

      If you smudge in one direction the smudge appears with a short delay, after that - if you still pressing the pen down - it works fluently. But if i remove the pen and press it again on my tablet surce it lags again at first... So it's very hard to use it properly.


      I Tried the 'old' photoshop CC and CS6 (both downloaded from Creative Cloud and still installed) and both still work fine and fluid.


      I'm using Windows 8.1. 64-bit on a Core i7-3770k, 16GB Ram, Gainward Phantom GTX770 graphics card.


      Is Anyone else having this problem? or does anyone knows what's causing this?

      (if it's a graphic driver problem, why is it still working on photoshop cc, it seems the code for liquify has changed for version 2014).

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          Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue and on pretty much the same hw and software (Windows 8.1 64 bit, i7, 8GB ram, Geforce GTX590). I agree using the liquify like that is practically impossible.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            CC 2014 Liquify on my Windows 7 workstation with a Nvidia Quadro 4000 and Wacom Intuos5 tablets seem to work quite well except when a small brush tip is used. Small brush tip size seems to have lag problems. Large brush tips work well in Liquify.  However large tips wet mixers brushes have some lag. I have the GPU advance option set to advance. There are problems with gradients banding with this setting basic works better there but basic mode cause other problems. Adobe stated years ago they were aware of the banding problem and would look at it.


            CC 2014 has not crashed on me yet....

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              rublev1360 Level 1

              I would like to add I am using a Wacom Intuos 3. As the OP said, the lag only happens when using the stylus. The lag is especially evident when resizing the brush and when starting the stroke.

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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                I do not have Windows 8 but have seen the following about Windows 8 and Photoshop CC 2014 pen support in an other tread;


                Photoshop CC 2014 changes stylus use to use Microsoft system API's, with these API's you need to have Windows Ink enabled. These API's give better stroke results and improve the out of the box experience for users using Windows tablet/convertible devices. If you want to go back to the old WinTab implementation of previous versions do the following:


                Create a file that contains instructions to revert to the WinTab functionality.


                Create a text file in a text editor such as Notepad.



                Type in the following lines:



                # Use WinTab

                UseSystemStylus 0



                Save the file as a plain text file named PSUserConfig.txt, and save the file into the Photoshop settings folder: C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Settings\.

                To turn off the gestalt's functionality, delete the PSUSerConfig.txt file. Or, move it to a different folder if it doesn't contain any other commands, or change the lines so they read:



                # Use Win8 native tablet support

                UseSystemStylus 1

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                  rublev1360 Level 1

                  Hi JJMack, thanks a lot for your advice. I tried it and it works, the lag when using the liquify and the stylus is gone; I can only notice it a bit when resizing the brush, but I can live with it I suppose. Again, thanks!

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                    I'm having the same issues. New Dell XPS 8700 16g RAM workstation. Wacom CTH-480 pen. Just installed CC 2014 and not only do I have this issue but I also had the issue with LR not opening a photo in CC in the "open in" dialogue.  The solution with that was to uninstall and reinstall which I did.  Worked great for that problem, and for a short while worked on the liquify issue as well. But after the 3rd time going into liquify on my photo to make some adjustments the exact same issue comes up.  Not only does it lag, stutter, and/or not do anything but I get a white circle with each press and if I hold the pen down the circle will animate almost like a loading/waiting animation for a second or two and when the circle completes nothing happens when I try to make adjustments or anything else.

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                      Josephrajp Level 1

                      Same problem was with me too.

                      I unchecked the use windows ink option.

                      Its in wacom preferences --> Pen -->click on Mapping in Tracking option there you will find use Windows ink with checked u have to uncheck to solve...

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                        SMeurer Level 1

                        unchechking windows ink doesn't do the trick for me. Setting UseSystemStylus to 0 in PSUSerConfig.txt does slightly fix the problem but the pen/mouse movement is still strange... it looks like it's moving at low fps (if compared to a video...)


                        Though disabling windows ink can't be the solution, since it's there for a reason.


                        Can anyone from Adobe confirm this problem in cc2014? Since it's not there in CC .... and if it can/will be fixed in a future version?


                        Seems like Adobe is treating the pc version as 2nd grade as i can't see any problems like this on the mac version.

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                          Juan C Walls Level 1

                          Still having the same issue with CC 2015!


                          I'm using Photoshop CC 2015 64 bits in a Windows 8.1 computer with a Wacom Intuos pro L (PTH-851) with drivers 6.3.13w3


                          "Use Windows Ink" is ticked in the Projection tab of Wacom driver so pressure sensitivity and eraser work correctly.


                          But I am experimenting some annoying lag problems using sliders (Like the one to set opacity) and the liquify tool.


                          When I use the liquify tool, the effect doesn't begin immediately but after a small delay. This is not a time delay but a distance delay, I mean, the image doesn't begin to distort until I have moved the pointer a certain distance from the start point.


                          The same thing happens with sliders, not only in the Liquify window but also in other windows and even in sliders in the main Photoshop screen (like in the tool adjustment controls or the aforementioned opacity in the layers panel). The slider doesn't move until the pointer has moved away from the position of the start click a few pixels. So when you try to move a slider from 100% down, it doesn't move at the beginning and then suddenly jumps to 80-something% and from that moment it behaves correctly until you release the stylus point from the tablet.


                          Also, when using Alt (or the corresponding ExpressKey) in combination with the pen's Right Click button to resize the brush, the pointer becomes a white ring and after releasing it, it shakes for a second.


                          Liquify tool and sliders behave correctly when using a USB or PS2 mouse.


                          I have discovered if I untick "Use Windows Ink", the liquify tool behaves correctly and the white ring doesn't appear when resizing the brush but obviously, Pressure sensitivity and use of eraser is lost in other Photoshop tools.

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                            superkevkt Level 1

                            I'm experiencing exactly the same issue as Juan C Walls.


                            My problem started occurring when I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. In Windows 7, Liquify in CC 2015 worked perfectly. However, now that I'm running W10, I'm experiencing the same annoying lag issues as everyone else.


                            Wacom tech support has not been helpful. First, they sent me a "fix" for the Mac, even though I'd indicated in the support form that I was using Windows. Then, they said "See what happens if you press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT while starting up Photoshop." It's a good thing I keep a backup of my Photoshop settings files, because that's how you delete them! It didn't fix the problem anyway.


                            I'm hoping there's a fix for this soon, since my only other option is to go back to Windows 7.

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                              superkevkt Level 1

                              After further testing, I got JJMack's "PSUserConfig.txt" solution to work. It is a little bit unstable, as sometimes the tablet stops working entirely. I have to turn off or unplug the tablet entirely and then replug it to get it to work. However, at least it's functional!

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                                Lysaara Level 1

                                I'm having exactly the same problems as Juan. I've clean-installed the very latest drivers for my Wacom and my video card, I finally found a way to disable the annoying handwriting input panel that would pop up whenever I clicked on a text input field(Hey, I have a real keyboard! Just because I'm using a pen to paint doesn't mean I want to write everything out...), but the lag and jitteriness on sliders and adjusting my brush size is driving me insane. It's also affecting the colourpicker; normally I click and drag to find the colour I want but it doesn't seem to register the stroke properly half the time and I end up having to click click click to try and get the spot I wanted.

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                                  Juan C Walls Level 1

                                  More detailed info to help clarify what's WRONG with Photoshop and Wacom driver:


                                  I have "Use windows ink" checked and the pressure and back tip eraser work OK in Photoshop when drawing but the problem is a different one (I'm now using Windows 10 but there is no difference. The problem is still the same):


                                  When I try to DRAG user interface sliders or curves with the stylus, I get a lag between my movement and the reaction of the slider/curve/whatever. It is not a time lag. It is a movement lag, I mean, the UI reacts when I have moved the stylus several pixels from the original click coordinates. This also happens when using the Liquify tool. As you know, the Liquify tools has a different interface from the Photoshop custom interface more similar to a standard Windows interface. Also, I have noticed this same lag happens in windows desktop or explorer when dragging an icon or a scroll bar. I suppose this is the regular behaviour of Windows UI since this lag is not a big deal when dragging an icon or a scroll slider but it is obviously not desirable at all when dragging Photoshop adjustment sliders (such as transparency), curves or the liquify effect.


                                  A momentary solution, very far from perfect but I am forced to use until Wacom/Adobe corrects this, is to untick "Use Windows Ink" when I'm going to use the Liquify tool and tick it again when I'm back to the main Photoshop window. Obviously it would be too time consuming to use this solution also with sliders and curves but with Liquify it is mandatory. One of the undesired side effects is that I usually forget to tick again after finish using liquify so when I'm back in the main window, I don't realize the pressure sensitivity is still off and I can ruin the work.

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                                    benjamin_weiler Level 2

                                    I have always found the stutter and jitter suppression super annoying since it pretty much makes accurate sliding a thing of utter impossibility.


                                    Try setting one of those damn transparency sliders to a straight value. It will go anywhere but where you need it.

                                    Same with the color picker: when painting or retouching you often need minute color changes. You will only be able to pick them, however, by sliding your mouse away a good deal from your origin point and then returning to where you wanted to pick originally. If you do not, the system will suppress your input and simply ignore your tiny movement.


                                    There is one thing, that I have found gives me greater accuracy, I am not entirely certain that it toggles the suppression off completely, but it decreases its effect at the very least:

                                    ScreenClip [2].pngScreenClip [1].png


                                    1. Go to your Control Panel (not Settings, those are different for some nebulous reason)
                                    2. Enter "Mouse" in the search box and hit "Change Mouse Settings"
                                    3. Go to "Pointer Options"-Tab
                                    4. Check "Enhance Pointer Precision"

                                    I run CC 2015 under Windows 10 Home with an Intuos 4 and current drivers, and this has helped me.

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                                      benjamin_weiler Level 2

                                      I should add: Liquify jitters like a caffeine-crazed weasel on crack. It is utterly unusable. I can make a video, of anybody wants to, but this problem has persisted for at least a year and with different hardware and driver setups.

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                                        Getting all of the above problems STILL, especially the caffeine-crazed weasel on crack. Well, it's a laggy stuttery mess on CC2014, and a crack weasel on CC2015. Liquify is absolutely un-usable on windows - In fact the entire Photoshop platform on Windows is a disaster. Suddenly decides that my keyboard shortcuts should start opening the menus at the top, or just make a gong sound whenever I select a new tool as if I'm asking it to do something it can't do. Keeping layer blending modes selected forcing the user to hit escape before trying to nudge a layer using the move tool because apparently selecting the move tool isn't clear enough that I WANT TO MOVE SOMETHING. Sometimes windows will just mysteriously become inactive and not let me cycle windows modes, maybe because it's a Wednesday, or because I didn't say hello to it this morning.

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                                          benjamin_weiler Level 2

                                          I have the feeling, our mutual problem might be a hardware or interference problem.

                                          To verify this, I tried using a different cable on my tablet, specifically, a cable with two ferrite core thingamajigs. They are supposed to help with outside radiowave interference, and that is what the tablet does create. I feel the responsiveness is a whole lot better now. Do you have one of those, and if so, can you try it out to see if that works for you too?


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                                            I also experienced the Liquify lag/stutter/rebound with my Wacom Stylus after upgrading to Adobe CC Cloud. I went into Wacom preferences to the pen setting and unchecked Windows Ink and it cleared up for me as well. Good catch guys, I thought I would be days surfing to solve this very niche issue.

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                                              danielh75154705 Level 1

                                              Look at your performance panel while performing this action... perhaps the CPU or Hard Drive are spiking?

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                                                mikelarremore Level 1

                                                There are a couple different fixes / workarounds for this.


                                                Fix 1 - Windows Ink Fix:

                                                - If you un-check Windows Ink in your Wacom Tablet Mapping, you'll no longer experience the "rubber banding" or "jitters" while using the liquify tool or when adjusting sliders on Adjustment dialog boxes.

                                                - However, un-checking Windows Ink will also disable pen pressure while working in photoshop.  To fix this, follow the steps in the Adobe Forum post below:


                                                This video explains this entire process if you'd like a video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cfQUzUOWTQ


                                                In short, you can un-check Windows Ink and, with a quick text file addition, retain brush pressure control with your tablet.


                                                Fix 2 - Liquify Fix:

                                                Finally, if you hold ALT while selecting Liquify from the Filters Menu, it will open the Liquify Tool using your CPU instead of GPU.  You will see improved performance with your tablet in the Liquify tool.  Keep in mind, you will not be able to use the keyboard shortcut to access the Liquify filter, you'll have to hold ALT while selecting it from the menu.



                                                Hold Alt and open the Liquify Tool from the Filter Menu and your tablet should work significantly better when Liquify-ing.

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                                                  boomerek Level 1

                                                  CC 2017 is out and PSUserConfig.txt is still needed to make tablet work properly without drag delay.


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                                                    ELECTROHERMIT Level 1

                                                    Indeed I noticed this as well. I had just solved the great PSUserConfig.txt mystery a week ago and then Photoshop goes and updates to 2017 and clears out the config file!

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                                                      elenab75920365 Level 1

                                                      I have same problem.. brush when resizing it in liquify jumps around and works with lag it works quite smooth with unchecked option Use Graphics Processor in preferences - perfomance (but not enough smooth as it could be with graphics processor ).. Annoying thing that doesn't let me work at all! I have uploaded a video from a screen to youtube to show the problem more clearly.. 10 days already I don't work and trying to fix this, installing and reinstalling soft, adding keys to registry, turning on and off different services, adding different config files and switching on/off all possible options in photoshop, in tablet in windows.. nothing helps! only unchecking Use Graphicks Processor, but it's not an option for me as I need it in my work ...


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                                                        JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                                        Using Wintab API not Microsoft Ink has been posted many time.  In your video you forgot to mention that in your Wacom preferences you also need to uncheck use windows ink so the Wacom device driver will also use Wintab API for pen mapping support.

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                                                          elenab75920365 Level 1

                                                          For me It doesn't help with jittery liquify at all

                                                          only helps with the opacity when I use Wacom pen but I need liquify tool in my work even more than opacity


                                                          # Use WinTab

                                                          UseSystemStylus 0

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                                                            elenab75920365 Level 1

                                                            personally for me it didn't helped


                                                            I tried hundreds times to reinstall full system, windows, tablets, drivers, photoshop, I don't use any third plugins, I cleaned all drivers, tried all settings that I only could found in the internet about this problem with shaky liquify tool .. and nothing works problem started exactly after I decided to install clean Windows 10 Pro and Photoshop CC2014 (which I used before for couple years without any problems), tried previous versions of windows, photoshop and different combinations, cleaned register, added different configs to folder with photoshop settings.. and always works great except this SHAKY LIQUIFY TOOL especially when I'm resizing it... it jumps around for couple seconds, works very laggy... Have no idea what to do with it need to return normal work of liquify .. it's already a month since I started to look for any solution adnd  so far nobody can help

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                                                              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                                              I found I also needed to do additional thing in Wacom sting and in Windows control panel setting to get my Wacom Intuos pro working well with versions of Photoshop.  In Wacom I disable some touch settings. Turn off double click distance. In the control panel turn off flicks and right click and hold.  Perhaps some others as well.

                                                              Photoshop Brush spacing like 1% should not be use and large size brush tips will also be a problem.  Do not use settings that will overload you machine.


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                                                                HothWampa Level 2

                                                                Thanks JJMack, that solved it for me. The double click distance.

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                                                                  alexp29692013 Level 1

                                                                  The liquify brush jitter definitely is linked to the hardware acceleration.


                                                                  If I turn it off in preferences it's gone.  Turn is on, and it's back.


                                                                  Has to be a GPU driver incompatibility or something.  All my drivers are freshly installed on a brand new machine Win10 with NVIDIA 1070 and I can't seem to get rid of the jitter without switching off hardware acceleration.


                                                                  MY SOLUTION:


                                                                  For me the jittery cursor was fixed when I went into the Nvidia control panel and turned OFF vertical sync for photoshop.  So strange but now the cursor moves smoothly.

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                                                                    THANK YOU, Alex.


                                                                    This jitter has been bugging the hell out of me ever since I moved from CS6 to CC. It has driven my liquify productivity down drastically - now it's back to normal. You're the MVP!