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    External Webapp and workspace ES3

    SPiller Level 1

      Hello all,


      my customer is asking me to integrate some external webapps (html/js) directly into the workspace. They are using ALC ES3, so the HTML Workspace is not an option.


      They need the following. Either:

      - the user clicks to an app listed in the workspace and the external webapp is loaded into an "iframe" like object directly in the workspace.

      - ... or he is redirected to the external webapp, in a new tab (I wasn't able to make this work, "navigateToUrl" flex call has no effect, would a direct javascript call via ExternalInterface work better?)

      - ... or any other option that can make the user launch an external app from the workspace.


      Is the Flex workspace open source? -> I would be able to adapt it

      Can we install the HTML Workspace in ALC ES3?  -> Would be nice!

      Any other idea? -> 


      Thanks in advance!