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    Calling another MXML file from One MXML file

      HI All,
      I want to call "datagrid" mxml file which i designed using desginer in Flex 2 builder. That Mxml file has Panel as a container & Datagrid control .

      I also created "main" Mxml file which contains panel as container & the button as its children.

      My intension is to call "datagrid" mxml screen when i press button on the "main" mxml file. I have written Eventhandler () in the
      "main" mxml file which would be called when i press button.

      what command or code should i write in the "main" mxml file to display "datagrid" mxml screen when i press button.
      As well as when i close "datagrid" mxml screen,it should display "main" mxml screen

      thanks in advance