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    How about Ink & Slide for android

    Pete_Belanger Level 1

      I'm starting this discussion to show adobe that there are users who would like to see the Ink & Slide developed for android.

      This looks like a very interesting product, but I do not want to purchase an iPad in order to use it. I feel that Adobe is cutting off a significant section of it's market by making this for Apple products only.


      Respond if you too would like to see this Ink & Slide developed for android.

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          bigmamainthemud Level 1

          I went to the NYC CC 2014 release conference. They handed me this beautiful new tool and I would use it all the time BUT I am not going to buy an iPad for that. When I asked the Ink & Slide presenter about an Android release it became quickly apparent that this was by design and probably through partnership (he kinda dismissed me). So my guess would be that it could be awhile yet before this happens. However, one thing I love about Android is that someone is probably going to fix that issue for us very soon. If I had to guess the software used with Ink & Slide isn't going to be available for Android this year. Bummer and I call lame on Adobe for this. "Hey guys, let's limit our success!"

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            In the other posts, iPad users are having trouble with Ink & Slide. Hopefully, Adobe will start testing Ink & Slide with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S. See this link for details:



            I hope someone from Adobe will reply and let us know about future Android options. Are the developers going to improve the software to compete with Autodesk SketchBook?

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              springdesigners Level 1

              Would love to see it for Android and not just the brand new tablets.

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                I'll take my Asus Nexus 7 (2013) over any iPad and obviously there are millions whom agree.


                It's quite frustrating that there are apps available on iOS for paying CC members that simply aren't being developed for those of us who prefer Android devices. Mac is more stable than many low-end devices, but let's face it, 1996 is over. Mac and iOS machines simply aren't the only route to go when buying (muchless building) a workhorse system. Need proof? Ask me about my latest build. Pricey? Yes indeed. Outbenchmarking any Mac available to the general public? Easily.


                As a small business owner, I've learned to spend money on good equipment, not cheap equipment. Since my shop designs, manufacturers, fabricates, and installs large scale commercial and repro-graphics, quality and longevity are my livelihood. This subject is one I know well and something needs to change as not to alienate more potential users.

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                  I totally agree on the whole please get this for Android thing - as a full service production house we use both MACs and PC's, but all of our mobile devices are Android by design. We are loyal CC for Teams members and run our entire workflow through Adobe, but we would never buy Apple mobile devices over Android, so how about we get some support too?

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                    Especially with Nvidia's Shield Tablet, I believe the android market is more than ready for this product.

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                      Without a doubt, Adobe needs to pay attention to this issue. Even though I agree that Apple products, in general, are by far the best-- I bleed in six colors!-- I do not like the iProducts for my own personal use. (Note: I do not consider Macs to be iProducts.)


                      I have a LG Nexus 5 and an Asus Nexus 7, as well as a MacBook Pro 15", and am a Create Suite subscriber. I would love for Adobe ink to be available for Android. Heck, Adobe should know this is good advice, as they have availability on Windows as well as Macintosh, so why not Android as well as Apple?


                      Hoping against hope!

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                        I agree, I will not buy an I pad when I already have a Android . I would get the Ink and slide but only if its for Android.

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                          how about ink & slide for

                          Totally agree. I just want to run Adobe Ink and Slide in a Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet (Android) that is more powerful than iPads. Adobe have to think that people that choose Windows Adobe softwares, for sure, they use Android gadgets !

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                            I would like to add my $0.02 worth here.  I have never really liked the iOS system (or the Mac OS for that matter).  I like to tweak my system and have it run the way I want it to not the way the company that sold it wants. 


                            I saw this product and thought "Cool!"  Then it was for iPad only and I thought "Noooooooo!" 


                            Make it for Android and your customer base will more than double. 

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                              ockley Level 1

                              I tend to use both platforms, but the latest year has been without any iOS device at all. My main concern here is that Adobe makes a tool that has an all-platform potential but limit it to a single platform. I can only see Partnership agreement as the reason. Almost all their apps are iOS too.


                              Of course, it is theirs decision, but I think karma will come around and hit them in their head (as it does, from time to time)

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                                kateyb98376864 Level 1

                                Unfortunately most all of the apps for mobile platforms are restricted to iPhone/pads....I am an Android user too and would be happy to use the Adobe apps on my Samsung Note Pro and my Galaxy phone.


                                I am not sure if I will renew my cloud subscription at the end of my term if they continue to show no respect for Android users by ignoring the Android market.


                                Very disconcerting at best.



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                                  While I agree with the points being made, It's pretty clear that historically Adobe is rather singular in their focus on Apple first/only tools and really could give a sh** less about a strong Windows or Android user base. I find it rather strange considering how much they suffered under the thumb of the Jobs vs. Flash debacle, you'd think they'd want to hedge their bets moving forward from that one

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                                    SamuraiBigEd Level 1

                                    Yes, please make this for Android!  If there are development concerns about making it work with all the different manufacturers tweaks to Android make it for the Nexus only, I can live with that restriction.

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                                      It is very disappointing that Adobe are choosing to ignore the largest market and instead go with the most premium.


                                      From chromecast, to android beam, to wifi-direct we have all the necessary  quirks - just by different names. Meaning all of these apps would work really well on android (we have some killer looking devices too).


                                      I would love to see Adobe sketch and ink, their mini premiere pro, adobe Hue.

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                                        Hi Guys


                                        I am a huge fan and user of adobe's creative platforms. I have always asked myself why adobe has apps that I would love to use on my Samsung Galaxy Tabs10.1 device only to be disappointed by discovering it is IOS only. Truthfully I have looked into using both IOS and Android to well stay updated with the advances in technological creative platforms. How ever it is a very expensive way of going about keeping up with new technology. So I started experimenting with similar platforms and the cool thing is by embarrassing new platforms outside of abode you benefit in many ways however I have found products similar to Adobe's Ink and slide, and Adobe Adonit stylus.


                                        I have found three links as below which will work on Adobe's Android available apps and you will soon discover just like I have that you gain more in the stylus performance and capabilities based on the specifications on the links below. I hope this helps all of you just like I have found it to be helpful.


                                        Fine-point stylus, pressure sensitive, Bluetooth stylus - advanced stylus


                                        YuFu Pro - Pressure Sensitive Stylus (Silver) - HEX3

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                                          Yes, it'd be nice to have this sort of tool, great accuracy effects, for us Android users!

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                                            I agree that it is good idea for Ink and Slide to be available on Android tablets.  To me this is Adobe first venture to creating and sell hardware as  product accessories that also extension to their main and success software applications.  The question to ask for Adobe is why do we prefer Android tablets to iPad, I am sure many Android users have their own reasons, to me Android tablets are not limited to one particular manufacturer.  Even though the common OS is android but each tablet manufacturer gives us choices e.g. Sony is water resistant and dust proof, micro SD card availability, etc.  then there is also the budget, whatever drives us to select and buy the tablet that meets our needs and requirements.  So I think the main reason is we are different and android tablets can meet our different needs.  It is this difference that I am trying to identify to Adobe to understand or perhaps they know already, e.g. ability to store data on SD card, for some people the android tablet can also be their mobile phone, etc. When Adobe adds Ink and Slide to Android, they will gain a group of people who are different and probably just as creative as their iPad users, I am bias to think we are better because we have more requirements to using the android the our average iPad users.  Also the world is not perfect, not many people can afford the iPad, when Ink and Slide is added to android will also enhance their software products as people will sign on to Adobe creative use their products to be productive.  I also think to being creative is to think and see outside the box and this Adobe can produce the tools to encourage Android users to also invest in Adobe products to achieve their dreams.

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                                              hearightnow Level 1

                                              yes please. Considering that android currently has 85% of the global market share of phones, it is just a matter of time before adobe offers this product on android. I feel that android users have much higher standards and actually feel ok about adobe ironing out the bugs on iOS platforms before bringing it to android.

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                                                TAO Level 1

                                                Looking from Adobe perspective, I am guessing Adobe has probably have agreements with Apple whereas with android devices there are numerous manufacturers and to get that sorted out is pretty expensive and time consuming to get the legal work done.  My other guess work is that different manufacturers, although they use the Android OS, the minute they adapted the OS to their hardware, means to Adobe more resources to adapted to various differences. However Adobe has successful have ported the mobile Lightroom to Android for that they have my thanks. In the Ink and Slide duo I wonder if the different screen sizes and resolution is also an issue with it and then there is getting all their software portfolio to work on Android devices or third party software availablity to use Ink and Slide.  In my guessing continuation mode, Adobe will list these issues into their bucket list of what needs tackling, if it is viewed as resourced intensive they probably decide for now it is a lost cause.  I am thinking about their own limited resources, they budgetted to keep updating their own products, working on adding new features.  Some times I like to think what we ask may be a request Adobe is for now they cannot afford to give us for a free or a small fee.  Still after saying that it would be great if Adobe can break our request and go a simpler solution, other then asking us to buy Ipads instead select a particular tablet from a manufacturer say Samsung or even Microsoft.  If Adobe did, I will certanly appreciate their effort to take that small step.

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                                                  I would love this for android..  I'm guessing the ink will still work without the slide. I am hoping that Adobe will enable it got Android too.. 



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                                                    Plus one for Android will never purchase a Mac product ever.. literally found out about the pen tonight AKA ink... Would have purchased one on Amazon tonight... But I have nothing to use it with