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    Add to Calendar link in email

    ctreeves Level 1

      We have a blood donor database.  We currently call all these people to remind them of their appointments.  I want to start sending them emails instead.

      I thought it would be helpful if the e-mail had a link / image that said "Click here to add to your calendar".

      I see at least two concerns with that.

      First, I suspect the link data is different based on the type of calendar it may be added to.

      Second, I have no idea how to create such a link. 


      The appointment date / time will be different for each donor.


      Suggestions on how to get started on this would be appreciated.

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          Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not sure about the calendar stuff.  I don't think you need links so much as you need to generating .ics files (for Outlook) or .cal? files (for Macs) and attach them to the emails.


          You also need to make sure that you are complying with medical privacy laws (HIPAA here in the United States).  Under HIPAA, I believe you cannot communicate medical information (including appointments) with patients without their prior signed consent to receive information that way.


          -Carl V.