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    actionscript movement corrupt the motion tween

      Hi all.
      I have a MoveiClip in my stage, I use actionscript to move it to some other position.
      It works great.
      But in some frames later I inserted a keyframe and I used the same movieclip for a motion tween. but this motion tween is not considered at all.
      what's the problem.... how should I fix it ?!

      the main goal of doing such a thing is below :
      I'm doing a game, in the desired movieclip there are some other of movieclips which will be visible / invisible due to some conditions.
      after finishing the game I want the same MovieClip ( with exactly the same properties of visible / invisible internal movieclips) to start a motion tween, but It doesn't start the motion.

      here is a sample file which I made :

      Any idea would be help me very much


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          You can simply put the tes_mc tween in a other movieclip we call it tesHolder_mc
          Then you move the tesHolder_mc with actionscript

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            MajiDfn Level 1
            Dear Olof
            I did such a thing ...
            the problem is , all my movements are not with actionscript.
            I have to move the movieclip sometimes with motion tween. and exactly here is the problem
            as you see in the sample fla file, I user some actionscripts to move the movieclip to a specific position, then I used motion tweeining to move it . but all the motion tweenings are discarded.

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              MajiDfn Level 1
              Is it considered as a BUG of flash or what ?!
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                It usually helps to isolate the problem, and trying to replicate it to narrow the scope. I think I might have had a similar problem before.

                But try and make a new FLA file. In it you place the object you are trying to animate. Dont have ANYTHING else in the FLA file. And on the first frame try and animating it with ActionScript. When that animation is done make the movie jump to a new frame where the same graphic is, and try a simple frame tween. See if you have the same problem. Then you have narrowed the scope and you have replicated the problem. Now work on this file until you have fixed it. This way you dont get bogged down with all the other code in your original file and distracted by other things. I would try and rename the movieclip where you need to animate it by hand. Maybe even a new layer. Anything to remove it from memory from when it was animated by code.

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                  ropeGun Level 1
                  This may not need to be said (the obvious), but:

                  When you placed the new instance of the same movie clip on the stage, did you also give it an instance name? All elements on stage controlled with actionscript must have an instance name that is referred to by the script.

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                    MajiDfn Level 1
                    Thanks for your response
                    The main problem is that I don't want to place a new instance of that movieclip.
                    I know it will be solved if I place a new instance in a new layer
                    the problem is that I have a car in my game which will be damaged by hitting some obstacles, and cause a damage to car (which will be setting a child movieclip in car_mc to be visible), finally II want to show the same car ( with same damages) in a motion tween.
                    The problem is I want to somehow save the child movieclips visibility status.
                    The sample file is the key for solving such a thing :)

                    good luck