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    iframe on a symbol created dynamically

    smenegassi Level 1



      -I have a button that creates a symbol dynamically. That is OK

      -then I move this symbol with TweenMax. That is Ok, I tested it.

      -and finally I want to load into this symbol  an external URL. That doesn't work.

      The problem is, I think, I don"t know how to address this dynamically created symbol.


      This is my code :

      var externalURL ="portfolio/FFD.html";

      var mywrapper = $(sym.createChildSymbol("wrapper","Stage").getSymbolElement());

      var wrapperMove = TweenMax.to(mywrapper,2, {css:{top:"2500", left:"0"},ease:Sine.easeOut} );

      sym.$("mywrapper").html("<iframe src="+externalURL+" height=100% width=100%></iframe>");


      Thanks for any help