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    ColdFusion 11 - QoQ   semicolon = bad?

    jojoserquina Level 1

      I just (literally) installed CF11 (in production) -- just kidding, locally of course and started testing it.   I noticed right away that the QoQ that used to run in CF10 are breaking... and it's because the SQL statements contains a semicolon at the end of them. (e.g)


      <cfquery name="qNew" dbtype="query">
        SELECT ID, Name from myOrigQuery where ID = 50;


      The error I've been getting is something like

      "<br><b>Query Of Queries runtime error.</b><br> The select column reference [50;] is not a column in any of the tables of the FROM table list."


      If I remove that semicolon, then it works fine. Is this a change? Is there a new setting in CF Admin that prevents this problem? CF 11 just came out, so googling doesn't show much of anything.... or my search criteria is not any good   I did try to search the forum if anyone has encountered it yet, but didn't find anything.