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    How to make active sub menu  when I hover on main menu ?

    kalarmoon Level 1

      Hello Edge expert's  !

      Can anyone help me on this issue.

      Problem :  1 - I have vertical menu in my website ,  that menu  bar has sub-menus that show upon hover.  The submenu disappears when I move my cursor to select one of the items, so I can't click on any of the submenu items.

      Problem : 2- My website (9500px wide) has horizontal scrolling in that I want to show menu bar fixed to the left side of the screen, it works when I use below code

      in my compositionReady

      sym.$("body").append(sym.$("Static_menu").css({"position":"fixed" }));   

      But if I use this code menu bar will be a responsive, other part of the website works responsive.  If I remove the above line of code then responsive works fine for all .


      I have no coding experience. 


      Thanks in advance

      Rajeev Bhat