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    Edge Animate/javscript API command similar to Actionscript fscommand('quit')?


      Our company recently replaced Flash with Edge Animate due to some major memory leak issues when pulling in dynamic data for our digital signage.


      In Actionscript, it was easy to signal to the digital signage player that the movie was ending with a custom fscommand.


      However, in HTML5, im having issues with how to do this in javascript. I currently do not see anything in the JSAPI for Edge Animate that would allow me to signal a third party player to end and unload the animation that is playing.


      I need to do this because the length of the animation is based on how much XML data I parse. This amount of data can change daily (10 seconds per xml node).


      Has anyone has a similar issue with this in the past and found a solution?


      Or perhaps I'm doing this incorrectly and I should be dynamically be creating the animation based on the available nodes in the timeline.


      Any feedback would be appreciated.