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    Really frustrating scrolling behavior: How can I adjust this?


      I just downloaded ADE 3.0 because I bought an eBook. I have the following issue:


      Flipping pages (scrolling) is really badly adjusted, when in "fit page to screen" mode, it takes only *very* gentle scrolling movement to literally see pages flying, which makes it hard to just, well, flip the page instead of skipping a couple. When in 2x zoom mode, on the other hand, the scrolling is extremely slow, it takes many swipes to scroll through a page, one full swipe across the trackpad only scrolls something like 5 lines.


      How can I adjust this so I can actually read my book in a more relaxed, or let's call it: normal manner?


      Thanks in advance and best regards,






      (MacBook Pro Retina something 2,6 GHz with 16 GB RAM and all that, OS X 10.8.5. Just in case that matters.)