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    WebService failure ... how to catch?

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      I know this is poor form, but I don't know the right way to do it.
      I have a WebService that I am writing in .Net, it's full of methods and goodies that I need to access from Flex. So in my Flex app. I establish a WebService component and point it to my wsdl to consume it. That part works just fine. The problem I am having is that since I have lots of different methods in the WebService, I need to handle the results differently; my way around that is just by making multiple WebService instances that all point to the same WSDL I just change their result handlers.
      In any case, sometimes, at what seems to be random, connections fail. IE, I can't access my save instance of the WebService, other functions that access the same WSDL through different WebService instances work just fine.
      Is there a way I can make it auto-redial or something like that? Where if, for some reason, accessing a method on a webservice fails it can automatically retry to connect to it?
      I'll show you what I am talking about:

      public function save (var variable:int):void
      public function get (var variable:int):void

      <mx:WebService id="ws1" wsdl=" http://www.someURL.com/blah.asp?wsdl" result="{ws1Handler(event)}"/>
      <mx:WebService id="ws2" wsdl=" http://www.someURL.com/blah.asp?wsdl" result="{ws2Handler(event)}"/>

      something like that, but randomly ws1 won't save, while ws2 will continue to work.
      That's generally how my app is set up, but with a lot more instances of the same thing.
      This is really the only problem presented with doing it this way. This isn't too slow, nor am I concerned with memory.
      Any help is appreciated.
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          schjlatah Level 1
          Okay I was able to get everything down to just one webservice component that has many operation tags, and I am still getting the same error. When accessing certain methods from my webservice at, what seems to be random, it will just throw an error and the webservice crashes from there. If I close the browser and try again it works just fine: no code change, no recompile, just refresh. If anyone has experienced anything similar, or figured out how to fix it PLEASE let me know.
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            schjlatah Level 1
            Believe it or not, I think this may be what could be causing my problem:
            After checking the IIS logs on our IIS 6 server I was able to find that when I finally was able to reproduce the issue it threw a lot of 304 errors. I didn't know what those were, so I did some research. It seems like people were experiencing similar things with images not loading; I'm not having issues with images, but WebServices would be an online asset that would be mounted and called similarly to how browsers would call or reference any other online asset.

            FROM MICROSOFT:
            "Typically, when Internet Explorer aborts an HTTP request, the page no longer has to have a reference for that resource (such as an image, a JScript (.js) file, an HTML component (.htc) file, or a Cascading Style Sheet (.css) file). This problem may occur when you rapidly open and close many nodes of a DHTML treeview-like control. The problem occurs more frequently when Internet Explorer is set to look for newer versions on every visit to the Web page because this generates more HTTP requests. (Typically, these requests are "get" requests).

            Other factors that contribute to HTTP traffic may also generate more HTTP requests. These factors include setting the cache attribute and network latency. Network latency contributes to the problem because there is a greater chance of aborting an HTTP request.

            If you raise the connection limit per server, you can delay the problem. The problem occurs because Internet Explorer may occasionally lose HTTP connections internally. Because 2 is the standard connection limit for HTTP 1.1, the problem occurs later if you raise the connection limit."

            I'm still not sure that this is the answer, but I will keep you all posted.
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              schjlatah Level 1
              I don't know if we'll ever know if that was the answer. I have since moved from that job to somewhere else. However before I left I was told that the .xml files I would reference to load all the data for my pull-down-menus and other semi-dynamic data sources were also receiving 304 errors. I think that was it.
              But please respond to this posting if you experience anything similar, or if you find out the real cause or fix.