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    Formulas for If Statement


      I am building a pdf form with Adobe and need help with using the custom calculation feature of the form builder.  I have never programmed in Java before so if someone can help with converting these formulas to Java Script that would be great.


      Here are the formulas that I need help with:


      =IF($H$8=0," ",$H$8-13)


      =IF(SUM(C22:C28)=0," ",SUM(C22:C28))


      =IF(SUM(C29,C42)=0," ",SUM(C29,C42))


      =IF((OR(E16="",D16="")),0,IF((E16<D16),((E16-D16)*24)+24,(E16-D16)*24)+IF((OR(H16="",G16=" ")),0,IF((H16<G16),((H16-G16)*24)+24,(H16-G16)*24))+IF((OR(K16="",J16="")),0,IF((K16<J16), ((K16-J16)*24)+24,(K16-J16)*24))+IF((OR(N16="",M16="")),0,IF((N16<M16),((N16-M16)*24)+24,( N16-M16)*24))+IF((OR(Q16="",P16="")),0,IF((Q16<P16),((Q16-P16)*24)+24,(Q16-P16)*24))+IF((O R(T16="",S16="")),0,IF((T16<S16),((T16-S16)*24)+24,(T16-S16)*24)))


      I did everything in excel now i need to move these functions to Adobe. Also is there a way to import lines of data in a drop down box rather than entering one line at a time??


      Thank you so much for your help.