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    Photoshop 2014 doesn't work


      I just installed the newest version of Photoshop (released at 18.6.2014). The installation went off without a hitch. After starting Photoshop the start screen popped up. A few seconds later it normal surface is there. Circa one second after switch between start screen and normal surface an error message comes, which says Photoshop doesn't work anymore "Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 funktioniert nicht mehr"

      Windows 8 gives me information about the problem (in German, because I'm using the German version of Photoshop and Windows)


        Problemereignisname:                       APPCRASH

        Anwendungsname:                            Photoshop.exe


        Anwendungszeitstempel:                  536b438e

        Fehlermodulname:                             nvcompiler.dll


        Fehlermodulzeitstempel:                   506b42b9

        Ausnahmecode:                                  c0000005

        Ausnahmeoffset:                                00000000004b2084

        Betriebsystemversion:                        6.2.9200.

        Gebietsschema-ID:                             1031

        Zusatzinformation 1:                          1484

        Zusatzinformation 2:                          1484b66b116c4c8e5973395196cfdfd8

        Zusatzinformation 3:                          a1ff

        Zusatzinformation 4:                          a1ffd95d5babecde3c2c25690567017d


      Other apps of the Creative Cloud, like Illustrator 2014 are still working without any problems.


      I would be very happy about an answer!

      Thanks a lot!