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    Can't update programs:  "Unable to apply updates You are already running Adobe Application Manager. ..." HELP!


      So, I try to update Photoshop CC 2014 Camera Raw patch, install Fireworks CS6, and InDesign CC, but get this error on my new MacBook Pro:

      Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 16.13.53.png

      The only instance of AAM that is running is the one that opens automatically when I click "Updates" in the PS Help menu. I've also tried it from the AAM widget at the top of my screen.

      And before solutions are presented:

      • I have closed down EVERY instance of AAM first.
      • I have opened the Activity Monitor to make sure that nothing of Adobe was running in between each update attempt, just to make sure.
      • I have force quit everything Adobe that was running in between each update attempt, just to make sure.
      • I have tried it two ways:
        • Opened Photoshop, Clicked "Updates" in the Help menu, chose the update for "Photoshop Camera Raw 8.5 (CC)", clicked "Update" and still get the error.
        • I have quit Photoshop, ran Activity Monitor and checked Force Quit...launched the AAM Launcher Utility, See big red button at top that says "1 Update", click button, Click 'Update', put in my password, update still fails with same error.


      It's a freaking loop of frustration!!! There is no end. It keeps telling me to close "ALL" instances of AAM, but there's not other way to apply an update for it. I try and just keep getting the same an error! Uggh! Someone please...PLEASE help!