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    Had severe wind gusts during a wedding we filmed, looking for some editing assistance


      I had a wedding awhile back that I filmed and unfortunately during the ceremony the wind picked up and was gusting around 20-30 mph in a condensed outdoor space. This caused some major interference with the lapel mic. I had it under the grooms tie, which is generally a very safe place, but the wind picked up so much it was blowing the brides dress into the air, which also meant his tie was going everywhere. I unfortunately do not know enough about audio editing to really tone down the wind. The officiant spoke with such a soft voice, you could barely hear her over the speakers that were set up roughly 10 feet away. Hopefully one of you audio geniuses can help!

      Here is a link to the dropbox containing all 4 titled .wav files. I tried editing on Audition originally, but to no avail. I put the original files in the dropbox.





      I am literally ready to burn their DVD's and send them their copies as their DVD packaging just arrived today. I just wanted to try one last time to see if someone is able to make things things sound a little better. Thank you again for taking the time to listen to the files.