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    Embedded fonts in CS3


      Since Flash8, i use a share library with embed fonts. These fonts (Century Gothic, MS UI Gothic, SimHei and Avant Garde) are used in a multi language training application showing 218 swf files.
      All my dynamic and imput textfields use these fonts as embedded font.
      These 4 fonts are duplicate in 4 "embedded fonts version" to cover regular, bold, italic and bold italic mode.

      So, i've 16 fonts in my share library as this method. for example :
      Font name with regular mode -> Font_Name__Normal
      Font name with bold mode -> Font_Name__Bold
      Font name with italicmode -> Font_Name__Italic
      Font name with bold and italic mode -> Font_Name__Bold_Italic

      Thanks to this method, i can set a font to my textfield according to the user language mode. For exemple Century Gothic is set for English users, MS UI Gothic for Japanese users and SimHei for Chinese users.

      I would like to migrate this Flash8 application to Flash CS3. So i open my library, rigth click and select new font. Next, select linkage and check "Export for runtime sharing".

      At this moment, a class name and a base class are set bu Flash CS3. I just write the URL like that "./fla_name.swf" and press ok button.

      A warning messagebox tells me "A definition for this class could not be found in the classpath, so one will be automatically generated in the swf file upon export."

      As i don't know what type of class i need to create (i just start AS3, never used it before), I accept and export my flash file.

      The Flash CS3 swf size is 18KB and the Flash 8 swf size is 38MB. I conclude that my fonts are not embedded in my file.

      To conclude, how to do it with Flash CS3 ?

      thanks for your help