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    Late calculation

    MatLac Level 3

      I have a bunch of fields named "FIELD.1", "FIELD.2", etc

      A second field named "TOTAL" shows the sum of the others by using "Value is the sum of "FIELD" (this works)

      Now the problem is the third field named "FINALVALUE" which is supposed to shows the value of "TOTAL" multiplied by 2


      Although the calculation of TOTAL works when I enter a value, FINALVALUE is not calculated.  Not until ANOTHER value is entered somewhere within the document.


      It is as if FINALVALUE was calulated first and TOTAL was commited afterwards......


      I tried to force a second calculation with calculateNow() but it doesn't do a thing


      Is the only way to put all calculations that are linked in some way in the same calculate script so I can define their order?

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You just have to set the field calculation order to whatever makes sense for your form. Exactly how you do this depends on what version of Acrobat you're using:


          Acrobat 9: Forms > Add or Edit Fields    -then-   Forms > Edit Fields > Set Field Calculation Order


          Acrobat 11: Tools > Forms > Edit    -then-   Tasks > Other Tasks > Set Field Calculation Order