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    Paths in Photoshop CC 2014


      I am trying to remove the white background from a photo of a pair of jeans and then move the jeans to fit the collage of images I have.  In the previous version I created a path with the pen tool around the jeans then went to paths panel and clicked make selection, ticked anti-aliased ok and the outline of the jeans was highlighted with running ants, then I went to the layers panel, clicked move tool and was able to move the jeans and then was able to hide the layer with the background.  When I try to do this in current version it leaves a piece cut out of the background with an outline and transparent background where the jeans were that I can't delete or hide while also getting rid of the picture of the jeans that I want.  I thought it might be because I had used the place embedded command to place multiple images on the canvas which placed them as smart object but when I rasterised the layer I still have the same issue.


      Help!!  Am I missing a step or has something changed for this process.