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    Fontagent Pro 6 Pluging Not Loading

    Graemezee1 Level 1

      I Have Installed  Adobe CC2014  and  Found  that the plugins for Fontagent pro  work with Illustrator and Photoshop   but when i Launch Indesign i get a startup alert saying


      Adobe InDesign cannot load the FontAgentPro.InDesignPlugin plug-in. The FontAgentPro.InDesignPlugin plug-in requires the 9.0 version of InDesign. Please contact the vendor to get a compatible version of FontAgentPro.InDesignPlugin.

      Show this alert again?


      To be fair  it saying that  for all my plugins  which do  not use the extension manager  any  plugin which uses the extension manager  works fine in  Indesign CC2014


      I have contacted  FAP  but  it will take a while for a response    It is strange that the plugin should work with  two of the programmes   but  not indesign  Have followed some instructions about  uninstalling and reinstalling  adobe Indesign CC 2014  but  this has had  no effect


      Anyone else having this issue a