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    changing color of the flare


      hey =)


      i found this site via youtube Free After Effects Templates and Project Files | Free AE Templates

      and i found a really cool template for an intro


      now i want to the change the color of the flare at the beginnin of the comp ( first 2 seconds )


      i can change everything to the color i want ( which is orange FF6600 ) for everything else

      but i cant find out how to change the color of the flare at the begin ( first 2 seconds )


      can someone please help me with this ?

      thank you in advance


      greetz stonedsmurf =)


      Link for the template

      “Fiber Optix” Free After Effects Logo Reveal Template | Free After Effects Templates

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try adding hue and saturation to that layer with the option set to colorize. I don't have time to download the comp and dig into it but I did look at the preview. The flair goes to full white and there's not much you can do with full white except fill, multiply, overlay or colorize because 100% plus any value is still going to be 100% (white).


          If that doesn't work please just give us a screenshot of the comp with the layer containing the flair selected and all properties revealed (press the u key twice).

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            stonedsmurf Level 1

            thank you very much rick =)

            adding hue and saturation helped for me =)


            sorry for the late response but i couldnt answer sooner