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    Sorenson 3 /Media Key playback problems

      I have authored a few Director projects using copy protected video created with Sorenson 3 and have never had a problem . . . until now.

      I have always been able to use: qtRegisterAccessKey() to get the the videos to playback with a media key that I assign in Sorenson. For some reason the project that I am working on now is not allowing playback for media keyed video.

      I am using MX 2004, QT 7.1 Pro, Windows XP, Sorenson Sqeeze 4.5.

      The projects that I developed before were on a system running Windows 2000 and outputting the Sorenson 3 video using Cleaner XL with the Sorenson Codec. I can open older projects with encrypted vidoe and they play fine but not this new one.

      Any insights or ideas out there?